REVO Serial Port Switch / SPS

REVO Serial Port Switch / SPS

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REVO Serial Port Switch (SPS):

The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to Revo performance software. The Revo SPS gives the user the ability to switch between Revo performance modes and a stock performance setting via the vehicles OBD2 port.

The new SPS has a preset stock mode, the ability to store three performance settings and the additional benefit of a security lockout program.

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the select device and start the car. It's simple and there's no fixed switch to alert to any modification.

The SPS delivers different levels of functionality depending on the vehicle it is used with, and whether variable switching is available in the Revo performance software

NOTE: SPS is only functional on vehicles with Revo Performance Software already installed.

We have added an option to 'Programme' the SPS for you.  If we did not tune your vehicle then your settings will need to be provided, otherwise we can generally provide a setup suitable should we have originally tuned your vehicle.

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Fitting Instructions:
This item can be supplied with your settings pre-set or programmed by the end user. Full instructions are included. Programming is an additional £10 - select the option below.

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