Standard Build (Engine Removed)

Standard Build (Engine Removed)

Standard engine rebuild - suitable for those looking for a refresh of their current installation or those with a minor issue.  

Tax included
Cylinder Head Refresh (inc Valve Stem Seals)
Grind Crankshaft (Oversized)
Linered Block
Liner Install
Paint Cylinder Head & Block
Vapour Blast Cylinder Head & Block
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Standard Enigne Rebuild

Standard Engine Rebuils - suitable for both the JZDA (Focus RS Mk2) and HYDA (Focus ST Mk2) Engine. Our definition of partially refurbished is as follows:

  • Engine Fully Stripped & Cleaned
  • Crankshaft Measured & Checked
  • Bores - Measured & Checked, Honed
  • New Mains & Big End Bearings
  • Pistons & Connecting Rods Checked
  • New Piston Rings
  • Cylinder Head Pressure Checked (for bend)
  • New Gaskets & Stretch Bolts
  • New Seals - solenoid, rocker and camshafts
  • Block Mod Shims 

Please note that should your bore(s) be damaged, oval or outside of manufacturer clearance guidelines; you MAY require a single, pair or fully Linered Block - see the options to the right hand drop down menu.

We have designed this configurator in order for our customers to be able to specify their requirements. Please pay particular attention to the additional options to the right hand side which include cylinder head refurbishment, installation of a clutch whilst the engine is removed and other useful options.

For Forged Build options please see our alternative package which is offered as a service in situ or again with the engine fully removed.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01978 758598.

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