APC Tune Stage 5i Ford Focus RS Mk2

APC Tune Stage 5i Ford Focus RS Mk2

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Quickly reflash the vehicle without the need for a PC during programming


  • Non-invasive flash reprogramming through the vehicle OBDII connector
  • Easy to use programming wizards
  • Rapid vehicle programming and information retrieval
  • Supports one vehicle, with multiple maps
  • DTC Support - Read and clear DTCs for all control modules in the vehicle (this is optional at additional cost)
  • Additional vehicles can be added as an upgrade (up to 3 total) 
  • System includes the handheld programmer, software, and PC cable for updates

The Autotech Program Carrier handheld for the Focus RS Mk2 is a unique device with features not seen by alternative products in the market place. Supplied for the Focus RS Mk2 with Stage 5 map (and one lower spec, map of your choice) pre-programmed into the device for easy reprogramming of the vehicle ECU via the OBDII port. The device will also hold your OEM Ford map. Additional maps can be added at extra cost if required.

Stage 5i will show in the region of 120bhp gain* over your standard power output and is included in the price of this Autotech Program Carrier handheld. You will need additional hardware to achieve this power gain in the form of a full turbo back exhaust system (ideally de CAT), an uprated intercooler kit , 650cc fuel injectors , cold air intake system , hard boost pipe kit , fuel pump upgrade & Upgrade inlet manifold

*Power gains are genuine proven figures based on the Dynojet rolling road we tested on and with the hardware fitted to our test cars. The graph above shows figures at the wheels. It is reasonable for you to assume that you will achieve similar gains from our product. All power gains based on our own test car , tested under strict conditions which were replicated as closely as possible in each test to ensure accuracy and consistency. Actual figures on different rolling roads may vary by small percentage up or down. Our power claims are based on the assumption your car is achieving Fords claimed power output of 305PS (approx. 300hp). Even if it is not (possibly becuase it is running an early Ford calibration) our maps will update the calibration and make improvements upto the power output advised.

ECU Notification: The ECU on the Focus RS MK2 needs to be 'BDM Enabled' prior to use. This requires you to send your ECU to us or bringing your vehicle to us for this procedure to be completed. Once enabled all further programming can be completed from the handheld device directly through the OBDII port.

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