BD Performance - Oil Breather System (V4)


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Fitting Instructions: This item can be regarded as a DIY installation. Typically this item can be installed in 2-3 hours.

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BDP Oil Breather Kit: (Engraved Version)

Tuning levels of the Focus ST & RS have pushed the standard Ford Oil Filter Housing to its limit. The fragile diaphragm inside these housings splits & the lid itself can also develop a leak. An upgraded breather system was required, the BDP Breather Kit ticks all the boxes & more...

Our kit includes the following:

Welded Oil Filter Housing (Exchange Basis or Outright)

Alloy Catch Tank complete with AN threaded fittings to suit the pipework & the remainder of the kit.

Stainless Steel Braided Hose (x3) AN Fittings x 5 in a choice of colour options.

Aluminium Hose Joiner & Genuine Oil Filter.

Hose Fitting Colours:

Other colours may also be available - please call 01978 758598 to check availability if you do not see the colour you desire.
Please NOTE that if you are not returning a used oil filter housing in advance then you will need to add the surcharge "yes" option - this is refundable on return of a servicable unit.
**Images for illustration purposes, catch tank lids and housing now engraved - new images to follow**